Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bugs and Frogs Decorated Cupcakes

I have updated this post with more intructive photos.

Royal/regal icing in Green, Yellow, Red, Black and White rolled out into 1/4 cm thickness

Round cutters of glasses of various sizes to fit the cupcake

The Frog: 

Cut out 1 circle large enough to cover the cupcake
spread some jam on the cake before pressing the green circle onto it. 
Roll some green icing into a ball for the eye sockets, wet the backs of them before pressing on.
Make small balls of white and black icing for the eyes, wet each one before pressing them down. 
Using a teaspoon press a mouth sahpe and add a bit of red icing for the tongue.

The Bee

1 yellow circle
1 black leaf shaped piece that will fit over one side of the yellow circle
1 strips of black icing
two white wing shapes 

The Ladybird

1 red  circle
1 black leaf shaped
1 black strip
6 black spots
black and white balls for eyes

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